You have the potential
to thrive.

Counseling is an investment in you

Life often presents us with both opportunities and challenges. Overcoming these challenges can be difficult as each one is unique in its own way. Whether you are facing a specific obstacle or want to invest in yourself – counseling is for you.

We want you to see yourself the way that we see you. You are a valuable person, worthy of honor and respect. We emphasize the strength and resilience you already possess, whether hidden, forgotten, or unrealized. Through it all, we hold onto the hope that you will become the best version of yourself by making this intentional investment. 

We would love to support you in investing in your mental health. Having a counselor’s support increases your potential to thrive amidst the challenges and to emerge stronger on the other side. Even knowing its value, the decision to pursue counseling can be difficult. It is often made harder because it is usually pursued during times where we feel alone. In those times, even the idea of reaching out to a stranger for support can take a lot of courage. We see and respect the courage it takes to reach out for support.

You are worth the investment.

Get connected to online counseling

We want to make the process of getting online counseling simple. Whatever your specific needs may be, our goal is to make meeting them as easy and convenient as possible. Whatever the need, we are happy to work with you to design a plan specifically for you. Feel free to submit any questions you have through the contact form at the bottom of every page.

Our online portal makes it easy to reserve a time to meet with a counselor. You can easily sign up for a FREE consultation using the “SCHEDULE” button.

The online portal gives us a secure (HIPAA compliant) way to connect for Telehealth sessions. Also, the portal has a messaging feature that you can use to reach out anytime. We do our best to respond within one business day.

Individual stool for individual mental health counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is all about having kind and empathetic support by your side. No matter the challenges you face – counseling can provide that support.  

Not only does counseling provide support, but it can also be a safe space to explore yourself without judgment. That safety and support can enable you to find incredible growth as you overcome the challenges you face.

Pursuing individual counseling is a big step that shows tremendous courage. We see it as a willingness to openly confront the tough parts of your life and work towards addressing them.

For more information on individual counseling, visit our Services page.

Individual stool for individual mental health counseling

COVID-19 UPDATE: In light of COVID-19, we are currently providing online counseling services in place of in-person counseling sessions.

Two stools to represent couples counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling focuses on providing you and your partner a place to grow together safely. Whether you are struggling to communicate, are in a crisis, or are looking to invest in your relationship – couples counseling is for you. 
No matter the reason, couples counseling is an investment in your relationship. At Olive, we utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with couples. We work with you to create a safe space where you and your partner can explore your interactions. This enables you to understand how to interact more lovingly. The goal is that you will see improved communication, connection, and intimacy within your relationship as a result of couples counseling.
For more information on couples counseling, visit our Services page.

What is Olive Counseling

Olive counseling LLC is an online counseling practice. We virtually see clients all over Idaho and Illinois. While our focus is online counseling, we currently offer a limited number of in-person sessions in our Nampa office. The physical office is located just south of downtown Nampa. It is one block off the main road, providing easy access in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Through focusing on online counseling, we want to make access to counseling as convenient as possible. No matter where you are (in Idaho or Illinois), all you need to sign up is internet access.

Our counseling approach utilizes a blend of Narrative Theory and Person-Centered Theory for individual counseling and Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples counseling. In each situation, the specific approach we take is based on the needs and desires of the individual client(s) with whom we are working.

Why people chose Olive Counseling

Jacob took a very patient and gentle approach in working with me – he allowed me to "get there" on my own without causing me to feel rushed.
– Client
I found a safe place here to weather the personal storm that I was facing, and through the process I was able to come out the other side stronger.
– Client
Jacob was patient and knowledgeable; his empathy and non-judgmental counsel has been an important piece of my own mental health journey.
– Client