Olive Counseling LLC:

Olive Counseling LLC  is a small counseling practice that opened in the fall of 2020. At Olive, our goal is to find hope in the lives of every person we interact with online or in-person.

Our main office is in Nampa, Idaho, but our primary focus is our online counseling services. We offer online services to people all across Idaho and Illinois. One of our main goals is to make counseling convenient. When you work with our counselors, you get access to a secure online portal. This portal is used to schedule, have video sessions, and send secure messages. The messaging platform also gives you the ability to reach out at any time. We may not respond instantly, but we do our best to respond promptly.

In addition to convenience, we want to make counseling as accessible as possible. Whether you are unable to leave your house, can’t find a counselor in your area, or are unable/uncomfortable going to a physical office – online counseling is for you. Online counseling enables you to explore uncomfortable parts of yourself from the comfort of your own space. This adds an element of safety that you may not find sitting in an unfamiliar office space.


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Dr Jacob Santhouse, LCPC

Dr Jacob Santhouse, LCPC

A Colorado native, Jacob has always loved mountains. That said, he spent the last 11 years living, working, and finishing his formal education in downtown Chicago. He worked as a counselor in both community counseling and private practice settings. During his time in Chicago, the mountains never stopped calling, and in 2020, it was finally time to answer the call. So, Jacob, his wife Kathy, and their two small children packed up and moved to Idaho to embark on some new adventures.

Jacob Santhouse has a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Governors State University. He also has a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Moody Theological Seminary. In addition to his academic credentials, Jacob is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Idaho and Illinois, which enables him to offer online counseling in either state.

License Numbers:

ID: LCPC #7778

IL: LCPC #180.013074

Show what Jacob Santhouse looks like

Areas of focus:

Jacob has worked with individuals, couples, and families on a wide range of issues. Working with young adults and adolescents has emerged as his primary interest and specialty. His focus includes anxiety, depression, life adjustment, lack of self-worth, relational issues, or feeling negatively towards yourself.

As Jacob counsels, he has a relational and somewhat relaxed style. His goal is to create a safe space where you can be vulnerable, with no fear of judgment. For this approach, he uses a blend of Narrative and Person-Centered theories. These two theories form an approach that seeks to honor, respect, and empower you. Though it is focused on the positive, this approach also believes that joy and suffering are important parts of life.

Jacob has received training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and in working with trauma. He is a Certified Traumatologist by the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, and he is trained in Level 1 EMDR.

For more information about the services offered by Jacob through Olive Counseling, check out the services page.

For those who are interested – here is a little more information on Narrative and Person-Centered Theories:

Both Narrative and Person-Centered theories add to Jacob’s counseling style. There are certain traits they share, and others they do not. They share positive and hope based themes and the goal of seeking to empower you. Through this empowerment, you can learn to harness your strengths and overcome challenges in your own way. Through this lens, the goal of counseling is to support you – not to “fix” you.

Narrative and Person-Centered theories also see the counselor and client as equals. This view asks you to be the expert on yourself and the counselor to bring their expertise to support your voice. While there is overlap, Person-Centered, and Narrative theories, each brings their own attributes as well.

Person-Centered Contribution

The Person-Centered theory’s contribution to Jacob’s approach is a way of being towards you. This way of being is grounded in a desire to show respect and care for you. Carl Rogers (founder of Person-Centered theory) coined an idea known as Unconditional Positive Regard. This mentality says that the counselor’s actions should show a deep value, care, and respect, for you. The goal is to create a space that says, “I honor you and hold no judgment for any piece of you.”

Narrative Contribution

Narrative Theory contributes a way of thinking about the challenges you face. The narrative way of thinking begins at the most fundamental level. This starts by labeling the counseling session “Counseling Interview.” What happens in the counseling interview is the “conversation.” The shift in labels makes the counseling process more human and less formal. It also supports the idea that you are the expert on you. 

Another central piece of Narrative theory is seeing the word “story” as a verb. As a verb, story can fittingly be replaced with the word “storying.” Storying is the process through which you can take an active role in how you relate to your experiences. Experiences are made up of a series of events with a beginning, middle, and end. Each experience has a certain meaning for you. It is these meanings that come together to define you. Storying then is the process through which these meanings are explored. Through this, the individual can begin to take an author role in their story.

Dr Jacob Santhouse's Interests:

  • Exploring how the hope in Narrative Theory can be used to find self-worth and security. His dissertation focused on a hope-based technique of Narrative Theory called Insider Witnessing. This technique uses a counselor’s intimate knowledge of their client to bring the client a new perspective. This new perspective aims to enable the clients to understand and relate to themselves in a new way.
  • Making counseling more convenient and accessible. Access to counseling is important regardless of the factors you have in your life that may get in the way. Exploring ways to provide counseling for clients while also meeting the counselor’s needs is a challenge. In light of that, Jacob is actively working to find new ways this can be better achieved.